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**Take a look if you’d like, we, I am under construction. I’ve taken this to the next level of nerdy and I’m so happy. A couple more days, maybe.

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Welcome to Freestyle Blogging—I think that’s what I’m going to call it. No matter what we name her, she’s still going to focus on the same things:

Right now, this website is a hodgepodge of things I love. I have no idea how it will evolve, but I’m excited to see.

If you are here visiting before October 18, 2014 —PLEASE COME BACK… I’m am geeking out on this space as we speak. It’s more than just a blog, and I’m trying to get it there.


New Infographic Freestyle Blogging at Robin Matteri
New Infographic Freestyle Blogging at Robin Matteri You can sign up for free and make your own at using my affiliate link here <——-


I have a few obstacles to overcome:

  • My mom is not Kris Jenner, and I work alone. I am the website technician, writer, sales department, marketing, PR, customer service specialist, researcher, developer, intern, CEO, accountant (<—- so far that’s the easiest job!), legal department, janitor, and on-site counselor.


  • It’s 2014 and I can’t seem to boss my kids around like my parents used to do to me. Therefore, I have no free labor.


Tyler and Nicholas 2013
The CFO and CEO of the Company doing business as “MOm!” My boys.
  • I’m new to the “nerd herd” culture so I’m using Bing to guide me <——- Referral link included in that sentence. Shameless plug, but it’s awesome! Sign up and earn gift cards for searching.


  • 24-hour days do not exist in my world, even when I’m awake for that long.


  • I’m almost 40, pre-menopausal, and a bit agitated by the chin hair growth, horrific mood swings, outbursts, and cold-hard crying like a baby for hours.
I’m a creative writer turned “semi-pro” content writer-turned visual design rookie-turned blogging underdog-turned content marketing groupie-turned freestyle blogger —


— this is Freestyle Blogging.

 There are no rules — Just words.

Translation: I’m going to share a whole lotta things as I go along. It’s freestyle because I’m new to the idea of “blogging for a paycheck” and guess what????

I didn’t pay for a book, or a consultant, or have any professional guidance. I might have if I had the $$$ but look at all the fun I would have missed out on. I took a break from writing and it unexpectedly lasted three years. Prior to this break, I had personal essays published online and in print, and also worked writing online articles for many well-known websites.

I started implementing visual design and infographics into content, considering it’s trendy (and fun!), so take a peak. I’m most definitely available for hire. Check out my portfolio here.

In regard to website design and marketing information, I’m working at rates lower than most but please keep in in mind it’s because I’m new, inexperienced and can’t compete with the Adobe pros I SO admire.

 Started From The Bottom Now I’m Here

In December 2010, I started my FIRST blog; a spiritual journey to find religion by Stalking Donald Miller, a Christian author. I fell in love with his book, Blue Like Jazz and like all irrational and delusional females, I instantly believed in God, fell to my knees in prayer, and began stalking him — well, his words anyway.  You can grab your own copy of this book here from Amazon. 


Cover of "Blue Like Jazz: Nonreligious Th...
Cover via Amazon

A few months into the project I had to give it up; apparently it’s not a job if you don’t get a paycheck. I was SO in love with this writing, and the exploration, I didn’t even care to get paid. DUH! I had no idea what the possibilities were. I just wrote, published, tweeted, and waited for the response. People loved it-especially the church folk! I’m in the process of bringing it out of retirement, but once again….


I may look like a Kardashian from behind (oh! MY Gosh, I’m delusional) BUT (<—–no pun intended) once again, this is a solo freestyler-not counting the voices in my head.


My first “gig” as a returning online content writer. The academy at Yahoo! was amazing.


The Return Via Belly Flop

I returned in April 2014 as a content writer after an application frenzy that would have made all spammers jealous. In terms of writing professionally (getting compensated for producing content!), I’m a new girl. With that being said, I’m no dummy. So, from time to time, I’ll share what I’ve learned. Feel free to chime in any time (not that a lot of you didn’t need the invite), with kudos, corrections, opinions, altercations, implications, accusations, or job offers.


Don’t correct my grammar or spelling or punctuation, or point out run-on sentences, and other things that don’t make sense. If you have an education higher than the twelfth grade-this blog is probably not gonna be yo’ thang.


Just kidding, just kidding! Feel free to send all edits to my high school English teacher. I would totally link his email address if I could find him. For a backstory on this, read SUCK it Grammar! from an earlier post.


I enjoy writing online articles and website content, but I didn’t want to get stuck doing it forever. The consistency of writing professionally left me worrying about my ability to be creative. I was afraid I’d spend the rest of my life researching unique approaches to writing about hotel accommodations in East Africa. My online portfolio from can be found at

Photo by Pete Scales Northern California
Photo by Pete Scales Northern California

Before content writing, I’d easily compose imperfect personal essays that were filled with grammatical errors and PASSIVE tones. I loved them. One of my early favorites was published at


I became so consumed with bold headers and conclusive structure that a simple paragraph about my kids turned into a frustrated session riddled in tantrums, blank stares and fear.


I’ve always been a storyteller, so I lack the finesse those other writers have for perfecting a piece of content. I forget to dot the ‘i’s’  and cross the ‘t’s’ at times, so for now I’m freestyling in both areas equally.

Check out the poetry collection tab, or click here for simple words that mean a lot.

Perfectly Imperfect and Simply Chaotic at
Telling Stories With Words and Poetry


I have a hard time playing by the rules of life; how am I supposed to abide by the rules of writing? I write like I talk; fast, scattered, and all over the place so what do you expect — it’s freestyle.

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