Robin Matteri is a freelance writer who thrives on simple chaos. She’s the mother of two boys and lives in sin with her Internet boyfriend, four of their eight kids, and a homeless cat who has now earned squatters rights.

Robin’s blog, “Stop Talking” is full of personal stories that are intended to be entertaining. In every story, there is a lesson for some. For some, every lesson becomes their own story.

I remember, and have analyzed every person, every story, every moment, and every turn in my life. I always knew I was supposed to dissect every conversation in order to find the truth. I’ve always known I needed to embrace my authentic self before I could ever apply any of these lessons. I had no idea I’d be forty-years-old before I stopped acting like a skanky brat and started acting like an adult.

The blog isn’t some professional social marketing tool created by a 20-year-old future Google geek — it’s intent isn’t to drive Internet traffic this way, and it isn’t designed to be very profitable or flashy.

It has been designed by Robin to be a place where stories are shared. She is ditching the SEO rules, and content marketing bible, to produce a blog that flows from the hip. I’ve never been a fan of creating content full of keywords, and “engaging” information solely to impress the Algo thorium of Google.

I’ve always been a writer. I’ve never been an English major. Forgive my use of grammar and spelling and word choices. I write exactly how I talk. I can’t help it.

self portrait cover

Self Portrait of Fear and Love is her first published book. The 60-page book of poetry is a compilation of poems about all the things that make us all fear and love. It is available for download on Amazon. Click here to check out a free sample.


I’ve always written in a journal. I started sometime in high school writing long entries that detailed every last bit of information relevant to my life at particular moments. As I became more controversial in real life, the idea of leaving a trail of evidence seemed stupid.

From that point on, I summarized my day, or the thoughts of a day, into words that ended up, sounding pretty cool. I always assumed they would one day be song lyrics, and that I’d be a singer.

Thanks to my inability to learn how to play guitar, and lack of motivation to fit into a size two dress, I derailed that dream.

As it turns out, these words document a sad journey of a girl who desperately craved love. I kept these words hidden for many years for obvious reasons — it’s embarrassing.

Over time, I’ve realized, I am not alone. My self-portrait looks exactly the same as yours. Fear and love constantly collide.

Robin began writing for online publications and newspapers in 2006. She’s a creative writer, with no formal education, who dug deep to follow a dream. She writes what she feels in an authentic tone that is humorous and raw.

She rarely apologizes but cries a lot.

Her words flow genuinely. At times, she is the star of 8 Mile. In those moments, she lets her ghetto voice rap to the fucking beat..yo!

Consider this your warning. I don’t sensor myself because when I do, my shit becomes lame, and no one wants to kick it with the lame girl.