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I couldn’t develop a niche. Instead, I created a FREESTYLE playground where words run free. Freestyle Blogging is more of a newspaper full of current trends and articles for writers. It’s technically found here ——> Freestyle Blogging News.

This website is more in the style of Freestyle Writing & Design. I think we’ll go ahead and call it as such. In this chaotic reflection of simple life, you’ll find stories about life, love, parenting and writing.

I think I’m hilarious, which is evident by these Facebook Status Updates from the Archives of my Life….. I have used my boring life, and entertaining social calendar (A.K.A online dating) to entertain many of my personal friends on Facebook. This prompted a more public forum.

For the sappy, emotional reader, check out this collection of poetry.  I began as an aspiring songwriter but, that fizzled when I couldn’t learn the guitar.

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