Robin_Matteri_Wrting_Design Visual Design consists of manipulating photography, graphics and font — sometimes one pixel at a time. The idea is to create something that embodies the mission statement of an organization while standing out enough to attract customers. At a time when consumers are being bombarded with advertising; how do you make sure to stand out? Simple. Make sure to edit content and design marketing strategies often, and as closely as a graphic designer would to create perfection.

Freestyle Writing & Design

Robin specializes in producing content marketing and website design that targets a variety of industries. Her experience as a writer has evolved with the ever-changing trends in the publishing industry. You can read about her start as a freelance writer in this hilarious post that details the early days of writing. Run Circles Around The Competition With a Content & Visual Marketing Strategy In terms of design, Robin’s  focus is driven on developing a visual campaign that clearly defines the goal of an organization, company, or individual. As a freelance writer, blogger, designer, and mother, there is a clear understanding of  time management, commitment to excellent content, and monitoring trends within  the market.


Website Content

Blog Posts


Website Design

Social Media Management

Social Media Visuals

Business Cards

If you’re looking for something that isn’t mentioned, please feel free to ask about it anyway. Contact Robin for a quote via text message or  a phone call between the hours of 8:30 AM & 5:15 PM PST. You can also Like Robin Matteri Writer on Facebook, or send an email. If you’re bored and just want to chit-chat, by all means, feel free to reach out — I love pen pals and spammers. :)     Sample Visual Content from Robin Matteri Writing & Design Sample Visual Content from Robin Matteri Writing & Design I’m new to design which also means you’ll get an excellent rate if we collaborate. I’m self-taught which should speak volumes about my passion, motivation, and drive to produce compelling visual marketing that speaks to audiences.

How About a Website? If you Don’t Have One, You Should.

Times have changed since the unveiling of AOL, dial-up Internet, and the agonizing feeling of dread wondering if someone was trying to call the house phone (Beep-beep-beep-beep — The busy signal), as you patiently waited for the hourglass to circle around and around and around and around….. With revolutionary advances in speed, performance and capabilities; the Internet is King, and content is proving that. If you need a website, we can help.

Consumers Dictate Where a Business Should Advertise

Below you’ll find a screenshot of a website I built for a local California livestock and charity fundraising auctioneer. He was my toughest client. That’s right, he’s my boyfriend. :) It took me nearly a year to convince him that the Internet existed and people use it — all the time. While I appreciate his philosophy regarding face-to-face customer service, the truth is a little different. In less than five seconds, a consumer can search for an industry, find a business, Like it on Facebook, compose an email, check out feedback and reviews, Like it on Facebook, compose an email, check out customer reviews and be off to the next project; it’s that quick.   Sample of a website design from Robin Matteri Writing & Design Sample of a website design from Robin Matteri Writing & Design Websites are no longer for the elite companies with six-figure budgets. Consumers want digital information at the tip of the fingers; make sure they know who you are and what you have to offer.   If you need a website, we can help. If you need your current website refreshed, we can help. If you are wondering how a website will simplify your life, give us a call, and we’ll let you know.

From Keywords to Content to Visual

The shift in what the reader wants is rapidly changing. In this fast-paced era people are devouring information as quickly as they do everything else. Robin Matteri Writing & Design will work with you to customize a strategy that works within your budget and accurately reflects you, your organization, or company. There are so many ways to join visual design with content. Here’s another example of a logo Robin designed for a vintage and antique website. We can help.


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