Not to Alarm Anyone But Guess What I Did Last Night?

Are you sitting down?

Well friends, here it is: I hired a babysitter and left the house for the first time (socially, anyways) since 2009 (seems like).

So, maybe I’m exaggerating. Of course, I am. It’s only been a couple months. But, I can’t explain to you how it, at times, feels like years.

I haven’t seen the sun in weeks, I have no real-life social interactions, and I am losing my ability to communicate with people through speaking.

I’m a writer, a recluse, and living the dream!


I’m a writer, stay-at-home-mom, dreamer, toilet-bowl cleaner, dish washing overachiever, but most importantly:

   The Artist Formally Known as ‘The Karaoke Superstar’

This is me in about five years.
This is me in about five years.

Tonight, I put on a clean pair of jeans (just kidding-they were dirty!), slapped some Cover Girl on the mug to reduce the appearance of “loser”, and took the five-mile trek to the local casino for some karaoke.

I left home at approximately 8:07 PM in my vehicle and alone.

I successfully returned home at 10:46 PM. NO JOKE — I would have been earlier, but I was waiting for pizza.

In the olden days, more commonly referred to as, “When Life Was Fun,” I took simple things like this for granted.

The two-hour adventure found me at the hub of all the Colusa County Scene.

I signed up for two karaoke songs and was called to sing both diddies.

Out of all the song choices in the world, and the 3,000 I’ve done for karaoke; I picked a fine time to mess with AARP Gold Members who doubled as the audience and talent.

Yes, folks, I tried to show off.

I signed up for two hard songs and felt stupid when my voice kept cracking. I guess Beyonce wasn’t lying when she talked about warming up the vocals.

Angel of the Morning by Juice Newton was my first pick. Which reminds me: I met “The Juice” once, at the same casino I’m trying to show off in. It was a dream of mine. As a child, my mom played her albums all the time. I was a fan of her music from an early age.

Crushed my fantasy to meet Juice Newton. She was a snatch! Notice the tears in my eyes. I was crying as I waited in line. What a loser. Haha!

Song choice number two: “Here You Come Again” by Dolly Parton

So for now, I’ll have to scratch Thursday night karaoke off my list of things to do when I’m free.

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