The Devil Hacked My Twitter Page And Here’s Proof!

Should I be worried? As it is, I have horrible luck without this added pressure. Yes friends, for some reason I logged into my Twitter account tonight and guess what I saw? 666 Followers can ONLY mean trouble. :)

Should I pray?

Spam other Tweeters and hope for a pity follow?

Or, do I laugh in the face of the Devil?

You tell me. *Wink-WInk*

As luck would have it, my Twitter account seems to be hacked by the Devil.

Self Portrait of Fear & Love Poetry

Check out my poetry on Tumblr.

Self Portrait of Fear & Love

Words from over a decade of seeking, loving, learning, and crying.


Sharing vulnerability.

Telling Random Stories.

Hope you guys like it.

[Poetry] Exist and am Ruled

I want to tell a story.

I exist and am ruled by a brain that adapts to crazy and is constantly creating words.

That is part of the problem.

The doctor calls it mental illness. I call it truth. I have come to conclude that those who suffer only do so because the creative world that lives inside, occupies the space typically reserved for rational decisions and adult behavior.

I want to be a gypsy.

I exist and am ruled by a fear that adapts to perceptions and is constantly conforming.

That is part of the problem.

The ex calls it insanity. I call it sad. I have come to conclude that those who suffer do so because of the mental illness that so awesomely resides in that space.

I want to share love.

I exist and am ruled by a trigger that adapts to dysfunctions and is constantly firing back.

That is part of the problem.

The boy calls it beautiful. I call it destruction. I have come to conclude that those who suffer do so because of the gypsy desire that so desperately can’t stay still.

I want to go home.

I exist and am ruled by independence that adapts to conflict and is constantly leaving tracks.

This is part of the problem.

I call it freedom. You call it trouble I have come to conclude that those who suffer do so because of the love and dysfunction that so desperately saved her life.

[Poem] Tragic Love Story

Stick_Figure_Portrait_Fairy_Tales_Art by Leah Ferrarra
Stick Figure Portrait Art by Leah Ferrara

I want to write for real and expose the true writer who lives inside. To do this, I have to be brave and authentic in every word.

Truth comes with vulnerability, sadness, hope, pain, fear, and happiness. When’s it all said and done, being vulnerable is embarrassing, and embarrassment resonates with people, for some reason.

As a creative writer, I know nothing other than creating. If you’re new to this blog, here’s a crash course:

  • I lack a formal education in literature or writing.
  • I write like I speak — which, is sometimes chaotic.
  • I shoot straight, naughty words included.
  • There is no rhyme or reason, but plenty of rhythms.
  • If you’re the grammar police, an English major, or a professional writer, you’ve been warned.authentic poetry and stories from the life that defines my soul.

More background on my education can be found by clicking here.

Authentic poetry and stories from the life that defines my soul.



I never wanted a tragic love story.

I wanted the fairy tale.

Naïve girl,

big dreams,

pink lenses,

optimistic to a fault.

Hopeless romantic.

Another lesson earned.

 There is no fairy tale without tragedy.

-Robin Matteri January 2015

The love story that began twenty-two years ago has been tragic, to an extent. I didn’t know the story would began, start again, or end.

I know there’s more to the story, I’m impatiently waiting to live it. I’m aware it may be edited differently than I’d have liked, but I’m prepared.

I fell in love with him when I was seventeen. 

To be continued….Until then, here’s more poetry.

Raising Boys, Working From Home, Music and Another Lesson For Me

No Doubt JAG
No Doubt JAG (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m no different than the rest of the parents in the world — I think my kids are the coolest. You busted me. From time to time, I’ve even used them to further my Facebook [insert sarcasm] popularity. I never wanted to be one of those parents, but, I can’t help it at times.

Personally, I think I’ve done a fine enough job of embarrassing myself. Here are more Facebook status updates from the archives of my life.

Judge for yourself.

Courtesy of Robin Matteri Facebook

As a mother who works from home, it’s hard to balance work, guilt, and everything else. Summer vacation proved to be an obstacle course similar to a set-up on the television game show Wipeout.

My son wanted attention, and I needed to work. After a few days, staying home began to make me feel more guilty than dropping him off at daycare. Finally, I had to break it down to him. Here’s how it happened:

Me: Nicholas, you have to pretend I’m one of those normal moms who goes to work each morning in an office or something. I’m so sorry but I can’t cater to you every second of the day. We’ll play hockey in a couple hours. Why don’t you go read a book for thirty minutes.

Nicholas: Oh, I’m sorry, I can’t hear you since you’re at work in some office.

My oldest is eighteen now and I’ve been blocked by him on Facebook more times than I can count. It’s tough raising boys when you’re a sappy mom who has NO clue. During a time when I wasn’t blocked one of Tyler’s Facebook status updates made my heart sing. (See Screenshot below)

I think what he’s trying to say is that his love of music is diversified and because of this, he’s become a more culturally aware person. His ability to love No Doubt and Eminem defines him as a person who appreciates art.

I taught him early to respect people who were free in showing vulnerability through music. I allowed him to listen to music that no other mother would have believed. I explained to him how art evolves in many forms and words translate differently to everyone.

In this respect, I am completely triumphant as a parent. So here is the actual screenshot from his Facebook page. Pay attention to the comments which are hilarious and sweet. Bottom line? I didn’t completely “f” up as a mother.

THIS boy LOVES me. :)

Screenshot courtesy of Tyler Hall Facebook


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Favorite Things For Christmas–Kinda Like I’m Oprah

If I were Oprah and had a T.V show, I’d totally give away a bunch of shit just like her. So, here goes nothing: a bunch of favorite things for Christmas this year. Except, I’m not giving anything away. If you have a Christmas list of people to shop for, here are cool and trendy ideas for kids, women, men, and that hard to shop for person on every list. All my favorite things come from YOU MUST check it out.

There are so many trendy clothes for kids here including these awesome onesies that make great gifts for the new parents. For more gift ideas check out Trendy Gifts for Kids.

Famous Rapper Bodysuit Onesies


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Old School Social Networking: No Fancy Wording or Insights. We Called it MySpace! Yep, Yep!

Back in the day, social networking was simply called MySpace. Instead of Photoshop, we introduced ourselves with music that defined our spirits and an themes that told their own story. That’s networking homies!

There were no fancy terms designed to amplify views or increase user engagement and everyone blogged for the purpose of telling a story; not monetization. Content Marketing was something the bigwigs of NYC did from nine-to-five. We logged on, stalked like crazy with advanced searching that was on point,  spammed the hell out of everyone with friend requests looking for connections and potential dates.

I’m pretty sure I was a rock star at age thirty-two, kickin’ it on MySpace. No joke, my son was ten at the time and he set up an account for me. OMG, he’s going to be a fantastic writer — my crazy antics have made it easy for that child (now eighteen), to fill journal after journal with notes to have analyzed at future psychiatric visits.

He was also a personal photographer for my online dating profile picture

Facebook and MySpace collaboration would’ve been cool.

What am I — a teenager?

How to Decorate a Kitchen with Junk

I’ve decided to share one of my true passions. Vintage. I love it. I love all things cheap, so of course, I’m a yard sale whore, an auction junkie, and what I like to refer to myself as, a Vintage Groupie.

It’s been said that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, and I genuinely live by that rule. In following this philosophy, I’ve also learned to decorate with a mix of vintage and modern, all of which were at one time someone else’s junk. Here are some examples of mixing odds and ends to make a cozy space.

The window is above my kitchen sink and is home to treasures that I value. From left to right, let me help you recreate this look.

Vintage and yard sale finds help create an awesome decorating style.
Vintage and yard sale finds help create an awesome decorating style.
  1. Vintage postcard is framed and matted. I found the postcard at an auction and the frame in a bin at a local flea market.
  2. Chicken plate found at yard sale.
  3. That’s a turtle. FREE decorating tip: Use kids art. This piece was created by my son when he was in the 3rd grade. YES! It’s a turtle.
  4. Yard Sale picture frame holds a photo of our kids.
  5. Random bottles from friends who sale online.
  6. A certificate that belonged to my dad who passed away a few years ago.

I love how everything in this spot is meaningful to me. Without a lot of walls to use for decorating, I had to improvise. The window ledge has worked great to showcase fun things without obstructing views.

This look cost less than $2.00 to create. Find unique vintage items and yard sale treasures on eBay, Etsy or other online marketplaces, like Facebook, if you’re unable to make it out to a yard sale.

Vintage and Yard Sale Treasures to Decorate a Kitchen
Vintage and Yard Sale Treasures to Decorate a Kitchen

I’m in love with my kitchen so I’ll show it off. The cookbooks are a collection of vintage books that I found at an auction, and a more modern one found at a Thrift Store. I can’t help it. All of the chicken art was a yard sale find from a friend, and the Portuguese chickens on the ledge were a gift.

This area of the kitchen cost less than $5.00 to decorate.

I’ve spent years trying to use books, trends, and sales to customize the look of room’s in my home. Without trying, I added such character to this kitchen for very little money.

Lesson learned.