Happy Halloween

Halloween Photo by Robin Matteri
Halloween Photo by Robin Matteri Notice the Shadow in the Background. :)

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Turning 40 and Going Viral (sorta): See What She’s Doing

In less than 30 days, I’m turning 40. I know this because I started the countdown last week. I had this brilliant plan to turn my 40th birthday into an “Oprah-esque” viral phenomenon. But, like most of the ideas created in my head…..they’re still there.

You’ll want to contact me to plan your next party, I just know it. There’s a contact form following. :) Here are my ideas:

The Invite:

The Launch of Robin 4.0

40th Birthday Party Invitation. The Launch of 4.0
40th Birthday Party Invitation. The Launch of 4.0


In an effort to NOT turn 40 and to continue to live in the past; the party theme is “Prom 1993.” Yep, all guests will have to dress the part. Here’s what they might look like.

Prom+Big hair+Goth+Turtleneck=1990′s


The theme song: Duh!

Hold on (For One More Day) by Wilson Phillips — Here’s a sample:


I’m linking a gift registry to the invite.

OF COURSE, I’ll be registering for diamonds.

Blue Diamond Almond
Blue Diamond Almond


And in lieu of gifts, we’ll be doing a canned food drive for needy families.



FYI: I qualify. Here’s my shopping list.



Canned Foods


And finally……….. it’s a surprise!! SHHH!


So don’t tell her boyfriend. Old school, old ladies, on the verge of BINGO are about to bust-a-move in his garage. You know? Like back in the olden days.

Ya Can’t Touch this! -MC Hammer


Hope I last longer than this guy did.



Or, this one:

Uh-Oh… He Couldn’t Make it Til Midnight

How to Decorate a Kitchen with Junk

I’ve decided to share one of my true passions. Vintage. I love it. I love all things cheap, so of course, I’m a yard sale whore, an auction junkie, and what I like to refer to myself as, a Vintage Groupie.

It’s been said that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, and I genuinely live by that rule. In following this philosophy, I’ve also learned to decorate with a mix of vintage and modern, all of which were at one time someone else’s junk. Here are some examples of mixing odds and ends to make a cozy space.

The window is above my kitchen sink and is home to treasures that I value. From left to right, let me help you recreate this look.

Vintage and yard sale finds help create an awesome decorating style.
Vintage and yard sale finds help create an awesome decorating style.
  1. Vintage postcard is framed and matted. I found the postcard at an auction and the frame in a bin at a local flea market.
  2. Chicken plate found at yard sale.

  3. That’s a turtle. FREE decorating tip: Use kids art. This piece was created by my son when he was in the 3rd grade. YES! It’s a turtle.

  4. Yard Sale picture frame holds a photo of our kids.

  5. Random bottles from friends who sale online.

  6. A certificate that belonged to my dad who passed away a few years ago.

I love how everything in this spot is meaningful to me. Without a lot of walls to use for decorating, I had to improvise. The window ledge has worked great to showcase fun things without obstructing views.

This look cost less than $2.00 to create. Find unique vintage items and yard sale treasures on eBay, or other online marketplaces, like Facebook, if you’re unable to make it out to a yard sale. You can view some of my listings at VintageYardSaleGroupie on eBay.

Vintage and Yard Sale Treasures to Decorate a Kitchen
Vintage and Yard Sale Treasures to Decorate a Kitchen

I’m in love with my kitchen so I’ll show it off. The cookbooks are a collection of vintage books that I found at an auction, and a more modern one found at a Thrift Store. I can’t help it. All of the chicken art was a yard sale find from a friend, and the Portuguese chickens on the ledge were a gift.

This area of the kitchen cost less than $5.00 to decorate.

I’ve spent years trying to use books, trends, and sales to customize the look of room’s in my home. Without trying, I added such character to this kitchen for very little money.

Lesson learned.

Hit The Lottery of Irony Today and Isn’t it Ironic

Guess what I did today?

Spent 3 hours designing an invitation for the Surprise 40th Birthday Party I’m throwing myself. Of course there’s a twist—the surprise is for my boyfriend who doesn’t know we’re having a party in the barn.

I bet you’re dying to know the theme I chose, right? Well, the official theme title is still in development. The creative department for my Firm has been high on sugar for two-days straight and unanimously decided to release a solid lifetime of repressed anger, and despair about the horrible conditions of their lives. Honestly, 4th grade boys are bitches.

I will offer a hint: A strict dress code will be enforced: 1993 Prom Attire Guess who found her custom made, hand-stitched strapless? Yep! This loser. On a side note – my mom is going to shit when she sees how well 20-year old fabric from Gemco holds up.

Bonus points for this blogger for incorporating trending keywords into the invite. 1993 and Gemco are like #hashtag sensations.

Emailed two content writers with a proposition to eliminate the middle-man, and partner up on a badass blog with direct links, and triple the spam fun. 853 word email…. no response…

Copied and pasted that email into a MS Word Doc and lit up the grammar-check. Upon proofreading (LOL!) the email I realized I’d unknowingly shared my prediction about the future of content writing. Based on my expert level in the field of writing, a solid reputation, and a few previous blog posts bashing other freelance writers; I’m also predicting my prediction to be flagged immediately by the upcoming Danielle Steele writing prodigies, kickin’ it on G+.

Felt like high-fiving Deepok Chopra for his guidance in perfecting phony spirituality.

My prediction? Words are An Endangered Species —Content Writing Nears Extinction

Authorities have been hard at work preparing for what they’re calling, “the worst infiltration of public school graduates” since the “kids” from 90210 finally graduated.

Eighteen year olds can’t spell, understand how people look so different in real life, and have vision problems when trying to focus on printed media, thanks to text messaging, PhotoShop, 2″ screens, and SnapChat.

Double bonus points awarded to this blogger for using a keyword that’ll automatically alert admin that the flag from Google do-gooders on this piece is legit.

Isn’t That Ironic….. OMG, again…Alanis Morissette from ’95? Bring it….

Worked a couple of graphics into the blog to depict the cycle of content ———- end result was a Jetson-esque version of YouTube.

Logged back on after the creative department passed out all over the living room at 6:47 PM. Thank you to the creators of time change!

Kicked around this idea I’ve had to start a 40-Day Challenge to coincide with the upcoming 40th birthday.

Realized I’m 10-days late to do what I wanted.

45 minutes into social stalking myself on 36 platforms, I dozed off and hit six buttons on the keyboard at once—ended up on a Twitter page for NaNoWriMo.

In the words of the Canadian sensation who paved the way for hip-hop artists with her “dirty” lyrics and sexual implications:

An old man turns 98, he wins the lottery
and dies the next day

Well, isn’t that ironic, dontcha think?

It turns out I’ve hit the lottery in terms of irony; which never ceases to amaze me. After years of mocking those who follow “trending” topics and #hashtag fever; I took two minutes to read the premise behind this National event celebrated by writers all over.

Turns out, words will never die, being a follower is cool, and today happens to be 30 days until my 40th birthday. Perfect timing to enter a writing event specifically designed to reduce the population of losers who can’t follow a dream.

Sounds a lot like my idea:

40-Day Challenge to Get Head Out of Ass
40-Day Challenge: How to Cram 18 years of Procrastination into a Pinterest Project
Quit Being a Pussy in 40 Days.

Joined NaNoWriMo and right away emailed my excitement to a perfect stranger because all the people in my life think irony is a word I made up with my imaginary friend(s) while doing laundry one day.

Copied and Pasted this email and it’s hitting the “blog” tonight.

Realized I have no choice but to lie in the Hobbies tab of this new profile…..

Prom theme just entered my head: Hold On For One More Day based on the hit single from the all female singing group, Wilson Phillips. It accurately depicts my inability to grow the fuck up.

More irony? I’m pretty sure they’re making a comeback.

I’ve chosen to send this post into cyberspace without visual content to attract readers, an affiliate link attachment, OR grammar-check. IRONIC of course if this post actually gets read.

With my luck, this will be the one post out of 60 that my Facebook friends actually share.  Fuck you irony!

I Think Too Much So I Write

I Think Too Much So I Write
I Think Too Much So I Write

Happy HalloFRIENDlifr

Originally posted on Peacfulyogamama :

For the first time ever we are going out on Halloween. Only because it’s a great arrangement at Lara’s school for all the kids in town.


Halloween is not an old holiday in Norway, and to me its only been a night where adults can go out partying in funny costumes :P But the last couple of years Lara has been invited to go out with friends in the neighborhood in Oslo to do trick and treat.

But here in our new town they have made a twist on the Halloween fun, they call it HalloFRIEND (friend in Norwegian is VENN) so it a fun wordplay!

And the rule is that no kids can have masks and there are plenty of fun activities and candy to everyone, and no scary stuff for the kids to get nightmares from…


So tonight I will be going with two Queen Elsa’s and one…

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A Feel Good Friday…The Witches Potion for Finding Youth….what my daughter taught me about preserving my youth.

Robin Matteri:

DANG!! Great mom…my kids are getting an oreo! Nice job!

Originally posted on All You Wrote:

Halloween Party

I decided to throw this fun pre-Halloween party for my kids (and adults), because for the first time ever my kids decided they wanted to go trick or treating with their friends instead of Mom and Dad.

I thought bringing the whole family together, along with some neighborhood friends would somehow change their minds. But, they still decided to ditch Mom and Dad for their own peer group. How did this happen so quickly? It was a tough realization that they are indeed growing up, and getting older.

A day before the party my daughter and I started planning. She came up with a clever idea, she wanted to make a Witches Potion for finding your youth.

We then spent an afternoon shopping for the ingredients, preparing the food/drinks, arranging the decorations, sifting through to find the right music, and laughing at our silly creations. I discovered something, my fountain…

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Trick or Treat?!?

Originally posted on Adventures of Mr. & Mrs. B:

Happy Halloween!

Our ‘Lil Pumpkin’ has enjoyed her first Halloween!Halloween-6

I love everything about fall and have many great memories of Halloween growing up. I hope that my daughter can also have the same great memories. Since it doesn’t really feel very fall like in Singapore, we’ve tried our best to create a festive atmosphere by buying pumpkins and baking fall treats.

Pumpkin Donuts

We started our celebration on Monday at our first Halloween party. Addy and I attend a party hosted by a group from the American Women’s Association here in Singapore. We made some delicious pumpkin pie rice krispy treats(here’s the recipe) to take and joined other mothers and babies born in 2014. It was great to get out and about and talk to other moms!

Heading to our PartyHalloween-1

We purchased pumpkins. Check out this price I paid for this pumpkin! Yes, I’m crazy, but…

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3rd Grade Lunch Bag Countdown: 117 More Days

Featured Image -- 1828

Robin Matteri:

Love this!

Originally posted on Whimsy Dreams:

This year’s Halloween costume: Pinkamina.  I have no idea.


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Happy Halloween!

Featured Image -- 1819

Originally posted on my life from home:

Happy Halloween!

DSCN3044I ♥ this day!  Can you believe it’s on a Friday this year! Eek, I can hardly contain myself.

One of my favorite childhood memories was being in our local Halloween parade every year.  I remember donning the plastic suit and masks that used to be our Halloween costumes growing up in the 80′s!  My have costumes come a long way!  I have a Maleficent, a pirate and a Darth Vader in my house this year.  Here is a sneak peek of my youngest.  He already had the fun of trick or treating at my husbands office!  


When asked what his favorite super hero was, he responded with “All the bad guys!” He went all the way this year and is very excited about his “bad guy” costume.

We are hosting a Trick or Treat gathering tonight at our home, so I am planning on spending my…

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Happy Halloween!

Robin Matteri:

LOVE this halloween baby!

Originally posted on Sometimes Martha Always Mary:

From our little goblins, to you and yours, have fun today remembering all the memories of Halloweens Past!




Ready to gather some treats
2012 (Star Wars, Part 2)
Unhappy Princess 2012
Unhappy Princess 2012
Halloween 2013

Happy Halloween!


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