By The Time I’m 40 Facebook Archives of My Life From 2009


Over the course of my history on Facebook, I have shared everything about my life. Here is one from the archives that has put a little pressure on me. In 2009, I had a goal— Oops! I had 4 years and 364 days to accomplish it but like always, I’ve procrastinated. 100 days to go…. 



By the Time I'm 40
Facebook Archives of my Life Infographic- By the Time I’m 40.

Swimming Safety Tip #333 From The Archives of My Facebook Life

Swimming Safety Tip #333 from the archives of my Facebook life.

Who needs Oprah when I am so full of wisdom, life-changing tips, and inspiring words to live by.

I spent a good portion of my 30’s on Facebook. Smoking. And training for the Olympics—- apparently.


Swimming Coffee



Infographic: How Profound: The Facebook Archive Speaks Wisdom

<img src="image.gif" alt="howprofoundfacebookarchives" />
Facebook Archives Philosophy Robin Matteri Copyright 2014

From the Facebook archives of my life, I find something profound from a few years ago. At some point in life we all go through periods where we examine our path and wonder if we’re doing what we always wanted to be doing.

For me, these times always involve alcohol.

In this particular case, the beer was amazing at crafting words of philosophical genius.

For the record, I’m finally doing what I’ve always wanted to be doing. It’s making me feel guilty about not doing what I should be doing.

The tortured irony of my life never gets old.

Silently Bragging; WE Know You Are

Taken from the elusive archive downloads that encompasses my Facebook life, this little number is only ONE in a long line of bitter status updates meant to be hilarious–oh, and honest. I was on Facebook 24/7 (as you’ll find out in future posts), and consumed by social interaction via technology for some reason.

Probably because I didn’t have to do my hair that way…

If you’re like me, there was a time when the brand new world of smartphone-enriched social lives took control of everything. It was so exciting to be connected so easily, and immediately. I’m not sure that excitement has worn off but I’ll let you know if it does.


<img src="image.gif" alt="facebookbraggingstatusarchives" />
Archived Facebook Status Update from Robin Matteri Copyright 2014

Honk Honk Homey: From the Reno Files

I worked in Reno for a short period of time as a poker dealer which came with a lot of Facebook status updates that were hilarious. Probably because I was drunk a lot. Thankfully. From the Facebook archives of my life I’ve found a clever and funny piece of information I thought I had to share with the world, (or, more like 200+ “friends, at the time).

Irony: I feel the need to share it with a few hundred more people, three years later. Heads up!

Honk Honk