My Imaginary Boyfriend–Direct Quote From My Son… GASP!

I don't text your imaginary boyfriend.

From the Facebook Archives—A classic conversation between me and my oldest—I think he was about 15 years old at the time. His wit will never stop making me laugh.


Me: “Give me your girlfriends number, I want to text her.”


Tyler: “No. I don’t want you texting my girlfriend. I don’t text your imaginary boyfriend.”



Ohh.COOL–I Forgot You Guys Can See My Office– Advice from the Boyfriend

…he’s lucky my “imaginary” arm pains were shooting down to the tips of my fingers when he said this:

My bf told me today that I needed to become more active. I was like,

“”Say what!?”


Dude has no idea how hard it is to balance a laptop on my thighs (here’s a visual), while sprawled out on the couch trying to create captivating pieces that engage audiences…..


TOPIC: “Tooth Decay in the Elderly Population: How Bad Can it Really Be?”


The activity comes as I rearrange pillows for proper neck support (working the abs better than Billy Banks and ol’ school Tae Bo).


So I told him, “Sure thing. I’ll get out and get a little more active as soon as my leg cramps ease up.”


Seriously, I need to start stretching.