Today (Man, I think–Maybe it Was Yesterday) I Began to Share Poetry at Bubblews


To be vulnerable is an art, poetry is the easy part ——–Robin Matteri

…I do not know what prompted my sign-up at but I decided to jump—I just can’t remember the day.

And in the words of my favorite dead singer…

“And as a matter of fact, as we discovered on the train, tomorrow never happened, man. It’s all the same f*cking day, man”  ——Janis Joplin


For some reason, I am registered at every damn social networking, and writing platform online.


Pretty sure Google just LOVES that.


Don’t ask me why?

Don’t ask me how?

Don’t tell me I’m annoying…..

————- Here’s a quick peek—————-

The Love of My Life: Apart for 18 Years

I shared my poetry. You know–the words I referred to in my blog about the beginning of my writing career. Oh, what? You didn’t read it? Well… here you go friend. ———-> Lessons

The poetry began as words—lyrics, actually—but I never learned how to play the guitar, she I squashed that dream.


For years, I kept these words tucked away. I was anxious to share.

But, it’s been amazing.

Part of the Tortured Poetry Collection of Robin Matteri

Part of the Tortured Poetry Collection of Robin Matteri


Here’s what I know for sure:

When you write genuinely, and respectfully, people respond. You know why?

You’re never alone.

Your thoughts, are unique to you, but shared by many.

Pain, heartache, and sadness are not prejudice, and do not unfairly select you.

The same goes with happiness, or so I’ve been told anyway!

If you’d like to stop by and check out my stuff, I’d love to hear your thoughts.