Hardest Working Broke Chick: Poverty Education

Sometimes I wonder…. I can’t understand it, and I’ve said it before— I’m the hardest working broke chick I know. On the flip side-poverty has taught me: website design, visual design, content marketing, networking, WAY more about how GOOGLE operates than I should know, WAY more about nerdy shit then I should know, how to be a pimp and annoy everyone, how to properly index a site, how to rank a blog, how to beat F’book at their own game (just kidding, just kidding, don’t cyber-slap me Zuckerburg), how to spam like the brilliant Nigerian, and finally, patience. <—-oh wait, that’s the medication, not poverty.

English: A juxtaposition of affluence and poverty
English: A juxtaposition of affluence and poverty (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not sure if I’d rather have had knowledge or money to pay someone else to do all this…. I’ll let you know the verdict when I’m living large as a “Thousandaire” —-

Eight Year Old Tells Me to Take a Vacation….to BINGO! Huh?

I can’t decide if the YouTube video I posted of my eight-year-old telling me I need a vacation is a good thing, or his way of telling me to get the hell out of his face. Anyway, here’s a funny video of my son telling me to “take a break” at BINGO. His imitation of BINGO players and winning is hilarious (well, to me anyway!), and I hope you enjoy.

He’s obviously hoping to get famous with his shirtless video.

Janis, Stevie, Juice, and Carole: How Lucky Could a Kid Be?

old record player
old record player (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a kid, we didn’t have alarm clocks to wake us up for school. They existed–as did electricity–but my Mom, instead, woke us up to loud music playing throughout the house. alarm clocks to wake us up for school. They existed–as did electricity–but my Mom, instead, woke us up to loud music playing throughout the house.

She’d get out of bed, grab a cup of black coffee, chain-smoke a few Marlboro Lights (lol, sorry Mom, it’s fun to make fun of you!), and then blow the dust off one of her favorite records (aka-albums-aka-vintage-aka-$$$-aka—-GOOD shit!).


After about six minutes (loading it on the top, waiting for it to drop, waiting on the needle, the needle finding the beginning of the album, a small skip, then a “shit!”, grab the needle, but it back in the perfect spot…..)


….. BAM…..



Stevie Nicks was a blessing in the morning.


I feel lucky to have had a hippy Mom hiding in suburbia. Without her, I’d never know Fleetwood Mac, Carole King, James Taylor, Juice Newton (biotch!), or Janis Joplin.


In Concert (Janis Joplin album)
In Concert (Janis Joplin album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thanks Mom— I love you. In 2008, my beautiful mother and I saw Stevie Nicks in concert. I never thought I’d have that opportunity, so it is still surreal to me. In 2009, I saw Juice Newton perform–excellent on stage, but a “rhymes” with itch, behind the scenes. Oh well… she still nailed her music.


As I got older, I explored more of the favorites from that era. My favorite?


The early days of Stevie Nicks and songs like this…





Multiple Choice: Tina Fey, Me, or My Mom? You Decide

Hi friends, visitors, and accidental tourists.

In addition to the long-standing Facebook debate regarding the identity of this “Glamour Shot” via web cam—

I’d also like to call attention to one more thing—

Please stand, and join me in welcoming myself into the year 2014! 

YAY!! I figured out the web cam, the telephone that “didn’t exist” and I’ve managed to answer a call–or two.

Multiple Choice: Tina Fey? Me? My Mom?

Who is this? As I took the picture this morning, (all 124 in total), I couldn’t find myself in the picture.

English: Tina Fey at the Union Square Barnes &...
English: Tina Fey at the Union Square Barnes & Noble for the release of her book Bossypants. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
My Mom-The Tina Fey lookalike
My Mom. She could definitely be mistaken for Tina Fey.


My biggest fear now?

Getting caught picking my nose when a video call comes in… I am nervous Nelly! 

Have a great day! :)

Coolio Foolio—You Work From Home


When I tell people I work from home the most common response is, “Lucky! I wish I could.” While most of the time it’s a fantastic gig, there is a lot of other “work” involved in working from home. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I work from home, and make it work
My Pinterest DIY That I’m so Proud of-Absolutely Describes Me

It’s 11:18 AM on Wednesday and I’ve already sent my man to work, kid to school, written an article on the power of the subconscious-mind (duly noted many techniques!), thawed and browned chicken and potatoes (recipe to follow), fielded PTA emails, sent out tweets promoting my homeless article, researched new topics to write, showered (only because I have an appointment today), killed time looking at YouTube videos, wiped baseboards in kitchen and bathroom, killed a spider (before my eight-year old saw it!) and there’s still at least 12 more hours left to this day.


I work from home.

Do I love it?



Get Away From My Mom
Get Away From My Mom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How I Work From Home?

 I’m a writer. Glamour aside, I write to survive. I mostly produce website content, and personal perspectives like the one you’re reading now. I worked as a poker dealer for seventeen years which was a job that consisted of a lot of night shifts. Today, my children are in school and that means night-time is their time.

So, I write….during the day, and here and there in the evenings (I’m picking up on this story at 7:18 PM) and after midnight. In between that; I scrub floors, wash laundry, pick up kids, serve dinner, play kick board, watch Catfish: The TV Show, help with homework, tweet, Facebook, read, write a letter, knock down cobwebs, sanitize toilets, scoop ice cream, watch Who The Bleep Did I Marry?, tuck everyone into bed, try to sleep, get up, get down, write some more, watch True Tori, check for writing jobs, start an application, update resume, promote writing, fall asleep… Up again at 4:30 AM, check my phone, close my eyes, hit snooze, sleep another hour and start all over.


I love it!


How to make it Work?

I need a better system. I know this. I love to be scattered so this gig works for me. For the more structured work-at-home-mom, I suggest a schedule. It’s a process of discipline and figuring out an order of importance. For the most part, I have a schedule. But, most days are eerily similar to the one described today. I love the freedom and I love the flexibility. I am able to help with field trips and organizations within the school. I’m able to spend quality time with my family which is the most important.

I am a work in process and am still diligently trying to work out a schedule that is more conducive to effectively managing



In a skillet, grill chopped up onion, garlic, salt and pepper in a mix of butter and olive oil.

Throw in quartered red potatoes and cook until brown.

Once brown, add to crockpot.

In same skillet, brown chicken thighs (I use thighs a lot. They are inexpensive and full of flavor) in olive oil.

Once thighs are brown, add to crockpot as well.

Add one cup of chicken broth and one package of dry onion soup mix to crockpot.

Cook on high for 3 hours then reduce heat to low for 1 hour.

Add asparagus to crockpot to steam in the last hour of cooking.

Easy, delicious and loved by the whole family. Enjoy!