[Poem] Tragic Love Story

Stick_Figure_Portrait_Fairy_Tales_Art by Leah Ferrarra
Stick Figure Portrait Art by Leah Ferrara

I want to write for real and expose the true writer who lives inside. To do this, I have to be brave and authentic in every word.

Truth comes with vulnerability, sadness, hope, pain, fear, and happiness. When’s it all said and done, being vulnerable is embarrassing, and embarrassment resonates with people, for some reason.

As a creative writer, I know nothing other than creating. If you’re new to this blog, here’s a crash course:

  • I lack a formal education in literature or writing.
  • I write like I speak — which, is sometimes chaotic.
  • I shoot straight, naughty words included.
  • There is no rhyme or reason, but plenty of rhythms.
  • If you’re the grammar police, an English major, or a professional writer, you’ve been warned.authentic poetry and stories from the life that defines my soul.

More background on my education can be found by clicking here.

Authentic poetry and stories from the life that defines my soul.



I never wanted a tragic love story.

I wanted the fairy tale.

Naïve girl,

big dreams,

pink lenses,

optimistic to a fault.

Hopeless romantic.

Another lesson earned.

 There is no fairy tale without tragedy.

-Robin Matteri January 2015

The love story that began twenty-two years ago has been tragic, to an extent. I didn’t know the story would began, start again, or end.

I know there’s more to the story, I’m impatiently waiting to live it. I’m aware it may be edited differently than I’d have liked, but I’m prepared.

I fell in love with him when I was seventeen. 

To be continued….Until then, here’s more poetry.

I Think Too Much So I Write

I Think Too Much So I Write
I Think Too Much So I Write

6 Facebook Updates From the Archives

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Love Exists

Love exists,

 Romance comes and goes,

 A meaningful life lasts forever.

–Robin Matteri October 2014 Copyright



This snippet of text originally came to life somewhere within the world of Reddit! A man, concerned about his girlfriend’s mental health reached out to the community for guidance.

Every one offered different advice based on their interpretation of this woman. Somewhere in his words (about 2,000 of them-poor guy), it became clear (to me, anyway), that her struggle was hardly related to deteriorating mental health.

The spiritual health of a person is so often overlooked. In my opinion, his girlfriend lost sight of her authentic self and purpose.

Which got me thinking… most of the other responders told him she was “losing that loving” feeling. The suggested he be more romantic, attentive, and helpful to her needs.

To me, I say hogwash!

Love, romance and everything else along the way, will never override the human spirit, and the innate desire to be needed, fulfilled, and, at peace.

Happy National Poetry Day!

[Poetry] To be Vulnerable

To be vulnerable is an art; poetry is the easy part.
Original poetry by Robin Matteri